Alkalizing Your Diet

Tips for Alkalinizing Your Diet


Disease will only live in an acidic body.  In order to maintain a normal pH balance, the diet should consist of 75-80% alkaline foods and 20-25% acidic. The large base of your diet will be raw fruits and vegetables, which are alkaline to the body.  The acidic part of the diet is as important as the alkaline, but it does have to be moderated. This category includes dairy products, grains, chicken, fish, and eggs.  

Eating a balanced diet and following some of the following recommendations will ensure a healthy pH balance.   

1. Drink the juice of half a lemon or lime in water as a beverage.

2. Eat one cup of alkalinizing greens daily (kale, collards, mustard greens).

3. Eat millet and quinoa as an option to the acid forming grains like wheat and brown rice.

4. Learn to make miso broth:  (1 tsp of miso dissolved in one cup of hot water, not boiling water). Experiment with adding cooked daikon radish rounds and a small amount of cooked wakame seaweed to the miso broth.

5. Make blender drinks using alkaline juices, green powdered supplements and fruits.

6. Choose fish and lamb over beef and chicken for less acid forming animal protein.

7. Use olive oil as it is less acid forming than other vegetable oils.

8. Use buffered Vitamin C to alkalinize the system.ImageImage

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